Why Aluminium Windows Are a Popular Choice in the Cardiff Area

aluminium windows cardiff

Suitable for homes looking to enhance far-reaching views with stunning expanses of glass, aluminium windows are a popular choice in the Cardiff area. They are one of the highest performing window styles available today, with each design delivering market-leading standards in thermal efficiency, security, durability and aesthetics.

Aluminium window cardiffs are more durable and resistant to corrosion than uPVC frames. This makes them a great choice for homes in coastal areas where they may be exposed to salty air. This means they won’t rust or discolour as quickly, leaving them with an attractive appearance for longer. They also benefit from being able to be powder coated, giving them the ability to be coloured in almost any shade that you desire. This gives you the opportunity to personalise your home with colours that are not traditionally available in UPVC, while providing an appearance that will stand the test of time.

Elegance and Efficiency: The Allure of Aluminum Windows in Cardiff

Due to the strength of aluminium, frames can be made much slimmer than those in uPVC windows. This allows for more light to flood into your home, while maintaining a modern and sleek aesthetic that complements many different types of property.

Aluminium windows are suitable for a range of opening styles, with side or top hung options available as well as tilt and turn designs. The latter are more complicated to operate and require a sophisticated friction stay mechanism that operates like a traditional sash window. They also tend to be thicker than side or top hung windows.

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