Streamline Your Building Inspections With Smart Technology

Using smart building inspections can save you time, money and ensure that your properties are up to code.

This is especially important in light of the recent tragedy when a woman was killed by a piece of crumbling facade from 729 Seventh Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The incident has reignited discussion about the safety and effectiveness of existing building code regulations. However, many fire protection professionals believe the rules are outdated and ineffective.This Piece Covers It Well

smart building inspections – KK Forges can be used to inspect construction quality and to make decisions about whether a project should be approved. A typical example involves a tile construction quality inspection that utilizes thermal and/or image data to verify whether the adhesive bonding area is properly secured. Such an inspection is a non-destructive method that eliminates the need to use destructive methods, such as the hammer test and the penetration test.

Efficiency Redefined: How KK Forges Utilizes Smart Technology for Building Inspections

A digitalized construction inspection process is also being developed to improve work efficiency at the inspector level. The system allows workers to record information using a smart device and automatically store the resulting data. This approach reduces simple and repetitive inspection work that causes low productivity in the current construction quality inspection practice.

Cortland, a multifamily real estate investment, development and management company, uses the TUV SUD Drone Facade Inspection application to conduct facade inspections for its portfolio. The software enables the team to capture images, build a 3D model and detect defects in a timely manner. The results of the inspections can be accessed at any time to inform ongoing maintenance activities and reduce re-inspection costs.

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