Intelligent Merchandising – How AI Can Transform Your eCommerce Business

intelligent merchandising

In the online world, intelligent merchandising is the key to creating a personalized shopping experience that drives shoppers down the conversion funnel. Using AI technology, user experience best practices and the right eCommerce tech stack – smart merchandising makes it possible to deliver product recommendations that are both relevant and contextually sensitive to individual shoppers.

Intelligent merchandising automates tasks that are too time-consuming for your teams, freeing them up to focus on the high-value work that will really move the needle in terms of customer loyalty and brand performance. This includes everything from curating window displays and endcaps, to creating online look books that showcase the very best products your catalog has to offer.

Demystifying Intelligent Merchandising: A Comprehensive Guide for Retailers

AI can also help retailers take their merchandising strategy to the next level with advanced capabilities like price optimization and inventory management. This means a smart approach to pricing that takes into account market conditions, seasonal demand and availability of stock units to ensure that your prices are both competitive and profitable.

AI can also be used to streamline your merchandising processes by replacing disjointed planning tools with powerful central planning applications that support multiple users and departments. This provides a single version of the truth and empowers business users to make the decisions that will improve their bottom line without the need for IT departs or BI tools.

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