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There’s a lot to do in the digital world, from socializing with friends and family over mobile titles like PUBG and Fortnite to working on puzzles and other games that require mental stimulation. Online games don’t have to be high-tech either — simple titles like Words with Friends 2, Scrabble GO and Uno & Friends allow players to keep in touch over a quick game of crosswords or a game of cards.Source:

Relax and Unwind: Best Online Casual Games

The list of best games online is constantly expanding, too. Among the longest-running and most popular is Warframe, which features a squad of weird space ninjas fighting even weirder enemies in a system that just keeps getting more fun over time. There’s even a new expansion coming in 2022 that will expand the gameplay to include ship-to-ship combat and other features that make it one of the most interesting online games you can play today, free or not.

Another long-running and consistently enjoyable online game is Pokemon Go, a simple but surprisingly addictive game that has both kids and adults flocking to its virtual worlds to catch, train and battle Pokémon from all over the world. It’s a great way to spend some downtime and a fantastic alternative to the standard video game experience of grinding for loot and leveling up.

Another online gaming classic is the eSports staple League of Legends, which 13 years after its release continues to be an approachable and accessible way to engage with a multiplayer experience with deep strategy and high-level play. It’s the archetypal MOBA and the inspiration for a whole universe of spin offs.

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