March 15, 2023 savethecape

Old Range Rovers For Sale – Common Problems and Issues

If you’re looking for a classic vehicle that’s built to last and won’t break the bank, a used range rover might be just the ticket. They’re big and comfortable, have a powerful V8, and offer plenty of amenities to make everyone on board feel special and secure.

What is most expensive Range Rover?

If an old range rover appeals to you, be aware of these common problems and issues that might affect your purchase:

Air Suspension Problems

Since the late 1990s, old range rovers for sale has standardized on an electronic air suspension system in its SUVs. It adds an improved ride and adjustable ground clearance, but it also brings with it a number of common suspension problems.

A broken air suspension can cause a Range Rover to sag and sway back and forth, which could negatively impact performance and stability. In addition, you’ll often find that air suspensions fail around six to 10 years after being installed.

Heat Issues

Another common issue with older Range Rovers is heat-related damage to the engine and drive components. That can lead to failure of the cooling system and a loss of power.

Brakes Issues

If you opt for a Range Rover with a V-8 engine, be aware that its brake pedal offers very little feedback. This can be a nuisance when you’re hustling it on the road, especially in heavy braking scenarios.

If you’re looking for a classic Range Rover, it’s best to choose one with coil springs rather than air suspension. You’ll be able to get more control over the suspension, which means that you can avoid the common air-suspension problems that can crop up after six or 10 years of ownership.

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