How to Get the Most Out of a Walking Treadmill

A good can give you a safe, steady workout and help you reach your fitness goals without stressing your joints. In general, you should walk for about 30 minutes a day to burn calories and keep your heart healthy.

Is walking in treadmill effective?

You can add a twist to your workout by increasing the incline on the treadmill. The steeper the incline, the more you engage your quadriceps and gluteal muscles and burn more calories. Start by walking on a mild incline for two minutes, then increase the duration gradually. This will also improve your posture and mimic the natural motion of walking outside.

Many people hold on to the handrails of a treadmill when they walk, but this can reduce your total body workout and disrupt your natural walking gait. Instead, try to swing your arms naturally while you walk to strengthen your upper body as well. You can also target your core by bending at the waist and pulling your belly in.

If you want to increase your walking speed and burn more calories, try adding a short interval of fast-paced walking at a brisk pace, such as jogging at 80 to 90 percent of your max heart rate. This can challenge your body while helping you lose weight and build muscle.

You might need to consider other features if you’re shopping for a treadmill, such as cup holders, Bluetooth speakers, programming, or device holders. Also, if you’re tight on space, be sure to check how large the treadmill is when fully unfolded.

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